Game for cats, app for humans.
Crossplatform online cat multiplayer is here!

We've launched a new game for cats and humans, with major advantages, it's ads free, online, real-time and multiplayer for CATS (also humans).

Online multiplayer Game for Cats and Humans.
Please meet Paw Me, a truly innovative and unique game for your cat or kitten!

Working together with real cats, we crafted an intense and dynamic gameplay that changes and evolves to help tap your cat's inner kitten. We added animated backgrounds, and natural sounds designed especially for cats to keep your pet entertained for hours.

Animated backgrounds, natural sounds and intensive dynamic gameplay specially designed with real cats participating in development.

The game engages your cat's natural curiosity and playful instinct. No more sitting at home bored and alone, or crashing your stuff in the house - now your furry friend can compete with other cats in realtime online game!

Catching that virtual mouse or fish will be fun! But we have developed over 15 new funny and eye-catching cat toys that neither you nor your pussy cat have ever seen before!

Enhance your cat's game play! Give your little friend the best app to toy with by customizing the game settings to match her likes and personal preferences.

Get in on the action! Watch your cat play or play with her easily from your phone. Some of our friends really got into the game, so we decided to add a human versus human mode!

The different game modes supported:
1. Single Player
2. Cat vs Cat
3. Human vs Cat 4. Human vs Human

Enjoy the continuous online gameplay, track your scores and compete with your friends. Share your cats game results on your Facebook or Twitter and share your 'Paws' with your friends.

Paw Me is the only real time multiplayer for cats available today that can make your cat happier than ever!

We believe our goal is to connect humans and cats and to get to the best online multiplayer arcade, really connecting humans and cats.

Many #cats wonder how to use the game menu or to exit the current game and adjust the settings! Here's a simple video tutorial on how to use the #gameforcats menu during the #gameplay process of your #kitten.If you haven't tried our multiplayer Game for Cats #pawme, please feel free to #download from #AppStore and #GooglePlay to your #iOS or #Android device easily by following the links at Paw.Me website! #Meow and Thank you for #playing with us!

Posted by Paw Me on Saturday, July 4, 2015
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